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Roman and his staff are very reliable and dedicated to their customers and job. They did all the electrical work in my new house, and everything looks great. When we first moved into our new house the freezer in the garage trip the breaker and I had no idea what to do so I called Roman and he was at my house around 7:30 a.m to see why. Now this is what you called exceptionally great service. AC DC Electric also runs the electricity to our dock. These guys are the best. Very professional and neat work. Both my builder and I are happy with their scope of work. Highly recommend AC DC State Wide Electric Inc.
Sue Sorrentino
Sue Sorrentino
I'm pleased with the experience they gave to my electrical project. Highly recommend them.
Gabriel Sacramento
Gabriel Sacramento
These guys are the best.Very Professional they fixed the lights in my kitchen and were in and out before I knew it.10 stars for sure
Rad -1
Rad -1
Roman and his staff do good quality work! I had a really tricky job for them to do that required the use of a hydraulic lift. I was quoted about double the price from a few other places in town. I went with AC DC Electric b/c they were recommended to me by a friend. The guys came out on time and were very professional. They finished up the job with no issues at all...and even before the time that they promised. Would absolutely use them in the future!
stephen raymond
stephen raymond
When I need any electrical services I know I can count on AC DC. Pricing is fair and the work is great quality!
Gay Ann Thompson
Gay Ann Thompson
Quick clean friendly, best electrical kept secret in Orlando
Joseph Paolucci
Joseph Paolucci
Prompt service. Polite and thorough! Great company!
M Shelton
M Shelton
Roman and his crew are some of the best I’ve worked with, their attention to details, their communication, their knowledge of different types of material are all top notch. I will continue to use them over and over you should too. You will be very pleased and comforted knowing that the guys that take care of your electrical care that they do it right the first time.
Trevor Johnson
Trevor Johnson
AC DC performed an electrical panel swap out for us and the service was top notch quality and professionalism. We could not have been more pleased with the service, communication and professionalism. We highly recommend AC DC for any electrical work you may need for your home or business. Thank you!
Dan H
Dan H
This company exceeded my expectations with a new service and panel installation. The entire process was smooth and they went over and above with cleanup when complete. I highly recommend Roman and his team!
Residential and Commercial Service

Affordable Residential and Commercial Wiring and Rewiring Services

At AC DC Statewide Electric, we specialize in affordable, modern wiring services that meet Florida’s rigorous safety codes. Whether you’re a homeowner upgrading panels to add capacity or a business resolving short circuits, our highly skilled electricians have you covered.

We take every possible precaution because your family’s well-being is a priority. Our decades of experience allow us to expertly rewire any property to be fully reliable, efficient, and compliant with electrical standards. We refuse to finish a job until you feel completely at ease.

Trust us to resolve all your wiring issues. We’ll conduct thorough assessments to customize affordable solutions designed to protect what matters most – your loved ones.

Wiring Services We Offer

Our team provides expert electrical wiring solutions, from new installations to updates of existing systems, ensuring improved safety and efficiency.

Residential Wiring

Our residential wiring services cater to homes, ensuring all electrical installations and updates meet the current safety standards and efficiency.

Commercial Wiring

We deliver specialized commercial wiring services for businesses, focusing on safety, efficiency, and minimal operational disruption of power source.


Consider our rewiring services to replace outdated or faulty wiring, enhancing safety and accommodating modern electrical loads.

Trusted Wiring and Rewiring Services Serving Florida and Surrounding Areas

AC DC Statewide Electric proudly offers expert comprehensive wiring and rewiring services throughout Florida. With a focus on reliability and precision, our licensed electricians ensure that every project adheres to the current safety standards and latest building codes. Whether it’s a small residential fix or a large commercial properties installation, we are equipped to handle all electrical challenges.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is at the core of our services. Our expert electricians use advanced technology and techniques to deliver efficient solutions that minimize disruption and maximize functionality.

Serving the broader Florida community, AC DC Statewide Electric is dedicated to enhancing the safety and efficiency of your electrical systems. Contact us for dependable service and enjoy the confidence of a properly powered property.

Locations We Serve in Orlando, Florida

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Ready to enhance your property’s electrical systems? AC DC Statewide Electric is here to provide expert wiring and rewiring services tailored to your needs. Our team of skilled and professional electricians ensures your projects are completed with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

By booking an appointment with us, you gain access to top-tier electrical services that prioritize safety hazards and quality. Whether it’s a simple repair or a complex rewiring project, we are equipped to handle it all with precision.

Don’t wait for electrical issues to worsen. Contact us today to schedule your service.

#1 Professional Electrician for Commercial and Residential Needs in Orlando

AC DC Statewide Electric has solved thousands of home wiring and business lighting issues across the Orlando metro area. Our experience spanning small outlet repairs to large-scale custom panel upgrades leads families and enterprises alike to depend on us for any electrical need.

We maintain all the required electrical licenses and reliably comply with regulatory safety codes. Whether adding exterior lighting or planning high-capacity factory renovations, customers have confidence we will install compliant, tailored solutions that precisely match their needs while proactively preventing potential issues

The Risk with Outdated Wiring

#1 Residential & Commercial Wiring & Rewiring Contractors in Orlando

AC DC Statewide Electric stands out as Orlando’s premier choice for residential and commercial wiring and rewiring services. Our team of skilled electricians are dedicated to delivering high-quality service that meets the unique needs of each client.

We understand that every wiring project is critical, whether it’s for safety, functionality, or energy efficiency. That’s why we use only the latest technology and follow the most current safety codes. Our commitment to excellence ensures that all projects, big or small, receive the attention to detail they deserve.

Our services extend beyond installations; we focus on creating lasting relationships with our clients by providing ongoing support and maintenance. This helps us ensure that your electrical systems continue to function efficiently and safely.

Choose AC DC Statewide Electric for all your bad wiring and rewiring needs in Orlando and the surrounding areas. Our electrical professionals are committed to delivering exceptional results with a focus on customer satisfaction, improved safety, and reliability.

AC DC Statewide: Shielding Your Family with Professional Rewiring

Transparent Pricing — No Surprises

Our pricing is clear and upfront, ensuring you understand the average costs associated with your electrical projects with no hidden fees.

Family-owned, Trustworthy and Reliable

As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on building trust with reliable, high-quality wide range of electrical services customized to your needs.

Guaranteed Satisfaction for Every Service

We stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in every project we undertake.

Our Services Include:



Does Your Property Need to Be Rewired?

If your property frequently experiences electrical issues like circuit breaker trips or flickering lights, it may be time to consider rewiring. Outdated or damaged wiring can pose serious safety risks, reduce efficiency, and fail to meet current electrical demands.

Our certified electricians team at AC DC Statewide Electric can assess your proper wiring system and recommend the best solutions. Rewiring not only enhances safety but also supports modern appliances and technology, ensuring your electrical system is reliable and up to code.

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction!

Discover Why Customers Consistently Choose Us!

At AC DC Statewide Electric, with decades of experience we guarantee 100% satisfaction with every electrical repair service we provide. Our team is committed to excellence and ensures top-quality results for every potential hazard. We’re available 24/7 to handle any circuit issues, offering reliable and prompt solutions anytime you need us. Trust us to deliver outstanding service that meets your expectations every time, day or night.

Benefits of Professional Home Wiring and Rewiring in Orlando, Florida

Professional home wiring and rewiring in Orlando offer numerous benefits. It ensures that your electrical systems are safe, efficient, and up to current standards, reducing the risk of electrical fires and other hazards. Upgrading your wiring supports modern appliances and technology while improving overall energy efficiency. With professional and affordable wiring services from AC DC Statewide Electric, you gain peace of mind knowing your home is equipped to handle today’s electrical demands safely and effectively.

Safe and Efficient Wiring & Rewiring Services Near You

Choose AC DC Statewide Electric for safe and efficient wiring and rewiring services that meet the highest standards of quality and compliance. With decades of industry experience our certified team is equipped with the latest technology and follows strict customer safety protocols to ensure that your electrical systems are reliable, safe, and capable of supporting all your power supply needs. Whether it’s upgrading outdated wiring or installing new systems, we’re dedicated to providing seamless service that minimizes disruption while maximizing your property’s safety and efficiency. Trust our experts to keep your electrical systems in top condition.

Trust the experts. Schedule your service today. Call now for professional Wiring and Rewiring Services.

Trust the experts at AC DC Statewide Electric for professional wiring and rewiring services that ensure safety, efficiency, and compliance with the latest electrical standards. Don’t wait for electrical issues to escalate; proactive upgrades and maintenance can prevent costly repairs and hazardous power supply situations. 

Schedule your service today with our licensed and experienced electricians who are ready to provide top-quality service customized to your specific needs. Call now and secure a safer, more efficient electrical system for your home or business.


Whole house rewiring enhances electrical safety, prevents the potential damage risks associated with outdated wiring and faulty wiring such as electrical fires,electric shock and increases your home’s value. It ensures that your electrical system complies with current safety codes, supports modern appliances efficiently, and reduces the risk of electrical problems.

A full rewiring solution includes the replacement of all old wires, installation of new sockets and switches, and usually updating the consumer unit (fuse box) to handle modern electrical demands. It often involves upgrading lighting fixtures and safety devices like smoke detectors.

You should consider replacing your wiring if it’s outdated, causing frequent electrical hazards, or if you’re undergoing major home renovations that require walls to be opened. Electrical wiring repair should be considered for isolated issues that do not affect the entire system.

A modern home should typically be rewired every 25-30 years by rewiring experts to ensure it can safely handle contemporary electrical demands. Rewiring may be needed sooner in homes with older, degraded wiring or in response to common warning signs of wiring failure like frequent breaker trips or flickering lights.

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