Electric Car Charging Station Installation Service

Charge Your Electric Car at Home or Office

Charging your electric vehicle is now hassle-free. At AC DC Statewide Electrical, we provide professional and quick installations. Charge at home or the office with ease. Our wide range of services is safe, reliable, and perfectly suited for any electric car owner.

We ensure that every installation is handled with the utmost care and precision, designed to meet your specific needs and requirements. With our expert team, you can rest assured that your electric vehicle will always be ready.

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What We Install

We install a variety of electric car chargers. Our range includes models for personal and commercial vehicles, ensuring you get the right fit for your charging needs.

Residential Electric
Car Charging Station

Enjoy the convenience of our residential chargers. Charge your car overnight right in your garage. Our systems are fast, efficient, and designed to work smoothly with your home’s power setup.

Commercial Electric
Car Charging Station

Boost your business with our commercial chargers. They are built tough and designed for high usage. They’re perfect for keeping customers and fleet vehicles charged and ready.

Trusted Electric Car Charging Station Installation Experts Near You in Florida

Looking for reliable installation experts in Florida? You’ve found us at AC DC Statewide. Our licensed electricians are known for precise installations and thorough service. We ensure every setup meets high standards and local codes.

We bring years of expertise to our work. Our team knows how to handle the specific technical demands of modern electric chargers. Plus, we keep your installation running smoothly with excellent ongoing support.

Choose us for your home or business needs. We make the process easy from start to finish, advising you on the best options and completing your installation with care.

Contact Us Today for Your EV Charger Installation Needs!

Thinking about an EV charger? Get in touch with AC DC Statewide today. Our team is ready to help you pick the perfect charger and handle the installation from start to finish.

We ensure a smooth process that won’t disrupt your daily life. Plus, our installations maximize the benefits of your new charger.

Call now to schedule your installation. Discover why we’re Florida’s top choice for reliable and efficient EV charging solutions.

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Locations We Serve

#1 Authorized Electricians for Top Quality EV Charging Station Installations

Trust AC DC Statewide as your top authorized electricians. We provide exceptional electric vehicle charging station installations. Our team is certified and uses the latest technology for every job. We focus on safety, efficiency, and durability.

Whether you need a simple home setup or a comprehensive commercial installation, we handle it all. Our installations are not just about getting the job done. We ensure your charger meets all operational and safety standards. Choose us for dependable service and high-quality outcomes.

Why AC DC Statewide?

Expert Installation Services

Trust our expertise. Our certified electricians install your system accurately and safely. We ensure every setup complies with national standards. With us, you get quality and reliability.

Tailored Solutions

Customized for you. We understand each site is unique. That’s why we offer customized installations that fit your specific needs perfectly, ensuring optimal functionality.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee satisfaction. Your happiness is our goal. We’re not satisfied until you are, ensuring every installation is up to your expectations and beyond.

What’s Included In Our Service

Repairs include:

Installations Include:

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Enhance Your Commercial Property with an Electric Car Charging Station

Make your property a hub for eco-friendly customers. Installing our state-of-the-art charging stations not only serves your customers but also boosts your property’s appeal and market value. These powerful stations are designed for high efficiency and durability, catering to the needs of any busy commercial setting. With fast charging capabilities, they provide a valuable service, making your property a go-to spot for electric vehicle owners and supporting your business’s green initiatives.

Levels of Electric Car Charger

Level 1

Ideal for home use. Level 1 chargers use any standard outlet and are perfect for overnight charging. They’re simple, effective, and economical.

Level 2

Faster charging. Level 2 chargers need a 240-volt outlet and offer quicker charging times, making them great for daily use at homes and businesses.

Level 3

Rapid charging. Level 3 chargers are the fastest type available, providing substantial charge in minutes. They are perfect for high-traffic commercial areas.

Benefits of Having an Electric Car Charging Station at Home


Reduce energy expenses. Home charging stations lower your reliance on public stations and decrease charging costs, proving both economical and convenient.

Effortless and Time-Saving

Charge at your convenience. Forget about waiting at public stations; charge your vehicle overnight at home. It’s easy, fast, and always ready.

Boost Property Value

Attract potential buyers. Homes with charging stations appeal more to modern buyers, particularly those with electric vehicles, significantly increasing resale value.

#1 in Customer Satisfaction

AC DC Statewide Electric we set ourselves apart through prioritizing customer satisfaction above all. Our electricians take time to consult and assess homeowner needs before tailoring solutions for seamless functionality.

With transparent communication and a genuine focus on exceeding expectations through quality work and lasting assurance, we pledge to deliver more than projects – we offer electrical peace of mind. Homeowners trust us for our commitment to promises made.

Call Now for a Professional Electric Car Charging Station Installation Service

Schedule your installation today. Connect with AC DC Statewide to get your electric vehicle charging station up and running. Our certified electricians ensure a smooth, hassle-free installation. We provide quick, efficient, and reliable service tailored to your needs. Call us now to make charging your electric vehicle easy and convenient. Join the many satisfied customers who have chosen us for their EV charging needs.


For optimal battery health and performance, experts generally recommend charging daily rather than allowing the battery level to dip too low. Starting trips with a “full tank” is advisable.

No, EV charging ports are designed to withstand normal exposure to moisture. As long as the charging station is connected to a GFCI-protected outdoor outlet, rain should not interfere with safe operation.

Using a standard household 120V outlet, charging a fully depleted EV battery may require over 20 hours. With widely available Level 2 240V chargers, average charge times fall between 4-8 hours. DC fast charging can yield an 80% charge within 30-60 minutes.

Electric car batteries last approximately 8-10 years or 100,000-200,000 miles before requiring replacement. Following usage guidelines can maximize longevity.

While driving electric cars eliminates direct gas consumption, producing EV batteries does involve mining raw battery materials that contain petroleum components. Electricity generation methods also impact their total environmental footprint.