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Your Orlando-area business deserves seamless electrical operation and customized solutions from trusted professionals. For over 30 years, AC DC Statewide Electric has provided licensed commercial repair, installation, and upgrades meeting strict safety compliance.

Our master electricians rapidly respond 24/7 while minimizing disruption. Banks, retailers, offices – no matter the industry, clients rely on our comprehensive expertise and quality workmanship for all their electrical requirements.

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What We Offer

Explore our diverse range of expert commercial electrical services designed for efficiency and reliability in any business setting.

Commercial Electrical Solutions

We offer comprehensive electrical services tailored for commercial properties, from system upgrades to full installations, all performed by experienced professional electricians.

Industrial Electrical Solutions

Our industrial electrical services ensure durability and high performance, tailored to meet the rigorous demands of manufacturing and production environments for sustained operational excellence.

Electrical Project Assistance

We specialize in the management and execution of large-scale electrical projects, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and adherence to industry standards throughout the process.

Reliable Commercial Electrical Contractor for Repairs & Installation in Florida

Choose AC DC Statewide Electrical for reliable and expert commercial electrical repairs and installations across Florida. Our team of licensed electricians is equipped to tackle any project, ensuring your commercial spaces are both safe and optimally functional.

We prioritize your business’s continuity, striving to perform all tasks with minimal disruption. Our work ranges from fixing minor electrical faults to undertaking major installations, all adhering to the highest safety and quality standards.

Trust our dedicated professionals who bring decades of electrical experience to every job. We commit to delivering outstanding service and solutions that are both effective and innovative, making us the go-to commercial electrical contractor in the region.

Have an Upcoming Electrical Project? Contact Us!

Are you looking to upgrade the wiring in your office building or need some repairs done at your shop? Our team at AC DC Statewide Electric can help. We’ve got years of experience handling all kinds of electrical jobs – small or large.

When you work with us, you can count on getting quality service tailored exactly to your needs. Our electricians take pride in flawless executions, using top materials and new techniques to ensure the safest, most durable solutions.

Got some electrical issues disrupting business? No problem – contact us for a consultation. We’ll figure out how to get your systems running safely and efficiently again with minimum interruption to your operations. Our flexible electricians can work around your hours.

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#1 Professional Electrician for Commercial and Residential Needs in Orlando

AC DC Statewide Electric has solved thousands of home wiring and business lighting issues across the Orlando metro area. Our experience spanning small outlet repairs to large-scale custom panel upgrades leads families and enterprises alike to depend on us for any electrical need.

We maintain all the required electrical licenses and reliably comply with regulatory safety codes. Whether adding exterior lighting or planning high-capacity factory renovations, customers have confidence we will install compliant, tailored solutions that precisely match their needs while proactively preventing potential issues

Why Choose AC DC Statewide for Commercial Electric Services?

Fair & Transparent Pricing

Enjoy competitive pricing with no hidden fees. We are committed to fair and transparent pricing, ensuring you receive outstanding value in every commercial electrical service we offer.

Trusted Local Electrician

As your local electrical experts, we have built a solid reputation based on reliability and excellence. Trust us with your electrical needs and experience professional service with a personal touch.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee your satisfaction with every project. Our commitment is to excellence, ensuring that we don’t just meet your expectations—we exceed them, every time.

Our Services Include:



Key Signs Your Orlando Commercial Property Needs Electrical Repairs

  • Flickering or dim lights which may signal unstable power systems.
  • Circuit breakers that trip frequently, indicating potential overloads.
  • Unusual noises like buzzing or humming from electrical panels.
  • Signs of burning, such as scorch marks or a persistent burnt smell near electrical devices.
  • Recurring electrical issues, despite recent attempts at repair.
  • Outdated electrical systems not compliant with current safety standards.

Understanding the Differences: Commercial Vs. Residential Electrical Work

Residential and commercial electrical setups have important differences that require electricians to have distinct skill sets and knowledge. Home electrical systems generally run on single-phase power to enable daily living necessities – powering appliances, lighting, entertainment and so on. The priorities here are basic functionality, energy efficiency and meeting family needs safely.

Commercial systems instead usually have 3-phase power allowing heavier loads to accommodate large-scale business operations. There is more specialized equipment engineered to endure high-traffic rigors and large capacity demands not present in homes.

Our Commercial Clients:

  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Shopping Malls
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Banks and Investment Firms
  • Entertainment Venues

Electrical Problems? Our Experts Have the Solutions!

When a business faces electrical problems like flickering lights or outlet failures, getting systems running again quickly is crucial. Costly downtime can happen if issues aren’t solved fast. For over 10 years across Orlando, AC DC Statewide Electrical has responded rapidly whenever companies require electrical repairs, maintenance, or upgrades.

Our certified electricians use advanced tools and proven techniques to correctly diagnose issues. We develop solutions to reliably restore function with minimal disruption to daily operations. Whether power fluctuations, short circuits, or needing new infrastructure from construction, AC DC Statewide has deep expertise across commercial electrical challenges.

Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed! Discover Why Our Customers Always Come Back!

Customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do at AC DC Statewide Electrical. We strive to deliver electrical services that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our commitment to quality and customer care has resulted in a loyal client base that depends on us for all their electrical needs.

Every task, big or small, is approached with the same level of professionalism and attention to detail. Our electricians are not just skilled; they are friendly and committed to respecting your space and time. Experience the AC DC Statewide difference: where quality meets reliability and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Join the multitude of satisfied customers who return to us for all their electrical service requirements.

#1 Commercial Electrical Repairs and Installations Contractors Near You

With decades of experience serving Central Florida businesses, AC DC Statewide Electrical stands as the premier electrical contractor for commercial repairs, maintenance, and installations. We offer comprehensive expertise across all aspects from minor outlet issues to large-scale systems upgrades.

Our electricians combine technical mastery of the latest methods and safety codes with genuine care for each client’s operational success. Meticulous project execution paired with customized infrastructure recommendations enable us to deliver seamless, resilience so enterprises can meet their fullest potential.

Trusted Emergency Electrical Services in Florida - Call Now!

Running operations depend on consistent electrical power. But even well-maintained systems can occasionally fail, causing sudden blackouts. These unpredictable issues require urgent response to avoid revenue and productivity losses during costly downtime.

Over the years, AC DC Statewide Electrical has developed a reputation for swift, reliable emergency response during power outages day or night. Whether it’s restoring power after an outage, repairing damage from storms, or addressing unexpected electrical failures, our extensively trained electricians use the latest diagnostic tools to accurately assess causes.

Rely on AC DC Statewide for emergency electrical services that prioritize your safety and business continuity.

Trust the Experts. Schedule Your Service Today. Call Now for Commercial Installations and Repairs

With 30+ years of commercial electrical experience under our belt, no Orlando contractor can match our expertise crafting tailored solutions for complex business needs.

We combine attentive consultations, safety-focused installations, timely maintenance and 24/7 emergency response to keep enterprises powered seamlessly. Contact AC DC Statewide Electric today to schedule assessments and repairs upholding productive uptime.


An example of a commercial electrical installation is the implementation of an advanced HVAC control system in a corporate office building. It involves integrating numerous thermostats, sensors, and ventilation controls into the building’s main electrical system.

Residential wiring typically involves lower power requirements and simpler systems using single-phase power supplies. Commercial wiring, on the other hand, is designed for higher power loads and uses three-phase power to accommodate the heavy usage typical in business environments. It also requires more strong safety protocols and materials to handle the increased demands.

Common small business electrical installations include additional lighting and outlets, upgrading old panels or wiring, backup generators, and EV chargers for company vehicles.

Core components include the utility service feed and meter, main and subpanel breaker boxes, bus bars and conduit, switches, lighting fixtures, outlets, motors and controllers, backup generators, fire alarms, and EV charging stations.