Residential Services

Our Residential Services

Electrical Repairs

Whether you want electrical installation or maintenance, our staff is available to help. The knowledgeable electricians at AC DC Statewide Electrical are equipped to handle any necessary electrical repairs or improvements.  If you experience an electrical problem outside of regular business hours, we are devoted to offering you high-quality emergency electrical services every day of the year.

Electrical Panel Replacement

Electrical panel replacement for your home can be a crucial upgrade to ensure your safety and comfort. If you have an older home or an outdated electrical panel, it can lead to safety hazards, such as electrical fires, shocks, and electrocution. Replacing your electrical panel can also improve the efficiency and reliability of your home’s electrical system. Reach out to us to get started on your electrical panel replacement project.

Wiring and Rewiring

Burning odors often flipped breakers, and flickering lights are all symptoms of a problem with your home’s electrical wiring. If you see any of these indicators, AC DC Statewide Electrical will deploy an electrician to provide skilled wiring services. If the architecture of your home has changed due to new construction and you never seem to have enough outlets, or if your power routinely exceeds capacity and you want surge protection, the electricians at AC DC Statewide Electrical can rewire your system to fit your demands.

Electric Car Charging Station Installation

With the growing popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles, having a convenient and efficient way to charge your car at home is becoming a must-have feature for homeowners. Our skilled technicians can install a top-of-the-line charging station that not only looks sleek and modern, but also delivers lightning-fast charging speeds.  Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for a public charging station and enjoy the convenience of fueling up your car in the comfort of your own garage.

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