Commercial Generator Repair Service

Minimize Downtime with Consistent Repairs for Your Commercial Generator

Minimize downtime and ensure smooth operations with our commercial generator repair services in Florida. AC DC Statewide’s experts excel in fault finding and developing effective solutions, prolonging the service life of your industrial and commercial generators.

Whether dealing with air-cooled generators, or liquid-cooled generators, trust us for consistent backup power and an uninterrupted power supply. Our maintenance and repair programs are designed to keep your business operational even during unexpected power outages. Depend on our skilled generator technicians for comprehensive service.

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What We Offer

Comprehensive generator installation and maintenance services for industrial and commercial generators, enhancing energy resilience and operational efficiency.

Commercial Generator Installation

Expert installation of generator systems, including Generac generators and liquid-cooled generators, ensures stable power from utility and efficiency.

Commercial Generator Maintenance

Proactive generator maintenance programs increase performance and fuel efficiency, reducing the risk of power interruptions and extending generator life cycle.

Commercial Generator Repair Service

Efficient generator repair services minimize downtime, swiftly addressing generator troubleshooting and restoring backup power solutions for continuous operation.

Trusted Experts for Commercial Generator Repair & Maintenance in Florida

At AC DC Statewide, we excel in commercial generator repair and maintenance across Florida, specializing in industrial generators and diesel generator repairs. Our adept team, equipped with advanced diagnostic tools, ensures each generator unit receives thorough attention, whether it’s a liquid propane generator or a natural gas generator.

Understanding the importance of reliable power during power outages, we enhance system resilience with routine maintenance programs and sophisticated standby generator care. This proactive approach helps prevent power interruptions, safeguarding your commercial facility against unexpected downtime.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in every generator repair, from battery checks to automatic transfer switch maintenance. Trust AC DC Statewide to maintain your generator’s optimal performance, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and supporting your business’s continuous operations.

Looking for a Quick Commercial Generator Repair? Contact Us Today!

If you’re facing challenges with your commercial generators, contact AC DC Statewide in Florida. We excel in emergency standby generator services, adept at handling diesel generator repair, natural gas generator maintenance, and liquid-cooled generators. Our team is equipped with sophisticated engines and automatic standby generators, ready for generator troubleshooting and rapid response.

Our expertise ensures minimal downtime during power outages or natural disasters, with a strong focus on preventive maintenance programs and sophisticated standby generator care. This commitment helps maintain continuous operation and reliable power.

Connect with us today to benefit from our regular services that enhance both the performance and reliability of your systems. Trust our experienced technicians to provide superior service, keeping your operations smooth and efficient.

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Locations We Serve

Reliable Commercial & Industrial Generator Repair Services in Orlando & Surrounding Areas

AC DC Statewide excels in commercial generator services in Orlando, providing expert Generac generator repair, sophisticated generator troubleshooting, and preventative maintenance programs.

Our certified Florida generator repair technicians offer 24-hour emergency generator service, ensuring reliable power systems maintain uninterrupted power. Depend on us for advanced electrical services that safeguard your operations against power disruptions, enhancing your energy resilience with efficiency and expertise.

Why Choose AC DC Statewide for Commercial Generator Repair?

Affordable and Upfront Pricing

Enjoy transparent and predictable pricing, offering SPECIAL PRICING with no hidden fees, making us a cost-effective choice for commercial generator repair.

Trusted & Family-Owned Business

As a dedicated, family-owned business, we provide personalized and dependable generator repair services with superior service across Florida.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring every repair meets your standards for generator performance and service life.

What’s Included In Our Service



Critical Signs Your Commercial Generator Requires Immediate Repairs

  • Unusual noises or vibrations hinting at mechanical issues.
  • Decrease in power output possibly due to fuel pressure problems.
  • Frequent shutdowns or start-up issues, often caused by faulty spark plugs or battery issues.
  • Visible wear or damage to electro-mechanical parts.
  • Error messages from the generator’s control system indicating sensor signal issues.

Discover the Benefits of Professional Commercial Generator Repairs

Professional repair ensures your generator operates optimally, preventing issues through comprehensive diagnostics and preventative maintenance programs. This method ensures your commercial power systems support operations during power interruptions, saving on costly emergency repairs and reducing disruptions. Our experienced technicians, skilled with Generac generators and sophisticated standby generators, provide reliable power and efficient service, ensuring consistent maintenance and energy resilience.

Resolve Commercial Generator Issues with Our Expert Repair Solutions Near You

If your business experiences generator issues, turn to AC DC Statewide for top-tier emergency standby generator service. Our certified Florida Generator Repair Technicians quickly address repairs, ensuring minimal downtime with 24-hour emergency services.

We specialize in Generac generator repair, using advanced diagnostic tools to maintain your commercial power systems efficiently.

Contact us today to ensure your operation’s resilience with our extensive repair services. From routine maintenance to complex component testing, our skilled technicians are committed to keeping your business powered through any circumstances.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Explore Why We're Ranked #1 by Our Loyal Customers!

Experience unmatched service quality with AC DC Statewide, where we guarantee 100% satisfaction on every job. Our dedication to excellence and competitive pricing has secured us a top spot among Florida’s commercial generator repair providers.

Discover why our loyal customers trust us for reliable and efficient generator services. We excel in backup generator maintenance, automatic standby generators, and turbine generator repairs, ensuring continuous power supply with cutting-edge diagnostics and preventative maintenance programs.

Florida's #1 Professional Generator Repair Service for Your Commercial & Industrial Needs

AC DC Statewide is recognized as Florida’s premier provider of generator repair services. Our team handles both emergency standby generators and automatic standby generators effectively. No matter the complexity of the generator troubleshooting, we are adept at ensuring generator reliability.

Trust us to safeguard the service life and efficiency of your energy systems, preventing any power system failures and maintaining operational continuity with cutting-edge diagnostics.

Prevent Operational Disruptions with Fast Commercial Generator Repair Services

Quickly address and resolve generator issues with AC DC Statewide’s fast and reliable repair services in Florida. Our proactive approach, integrating advanced electrical services and comprehensive fuel system clean-ups, helps prevent operational disruptions. This ensures your entire generators run efficiently, reducing downtime and maintaining productivity, especially crucial during city power outages and complex generator components challenges.

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A commercial generator is vital for maintaining operations during city power outages, equipped to handle the demands of commercial power systems. These units vary from automatic standby generators to industrial style generators, ensuring continuous backup power solutions.

Commercial generators require annual servicing or after every 250 hours of operation to ensure reliability. This regular maintenance, including backup generator checkups and comprehensive generator maintenance routines, is critical for systems like Generac generators and Kohler generators.

Maintenance should be conducted every six months, more frequently depending on usage and specific guidelines. Maintenance includes battery checks, battery acid checks, monitoring fuel consumption, and ensuring control circuits are functioning properly to avoid disruptions.

Maintaining an industrial generator involves regular checks of essential fluids, replacement of air filters, and load bank tests. Additionally, complex control circuits are examined to guarantee the unit’s capacity to provide ample power, especially during unexpected power failures.